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About Us

Frontline is a complete transportation and logistics provider that focuses on the core needs and requirements of an ever-evolving  industry. We are highly focused on exceptional customer service and uniquely tailored solutions for every individual customer. We specialize in LTL, TL, IML and Expedited services to and from the United States as well as domestically within Canada.

A major focus for us is the ever-changing Southern California market. We specialize in moving freight inbound to Canada from all major Southern California cities. Unparalleled experience in the market allows us to build lasting relationships and ensure our customers achieve the absolute highest level of quality and service.
Driving our strong service standards is the exceptional Frontline team. Frontline prides itself in creating a positive organizational culture built on core values of trust and communication. We value and treat our customers just as we do our own team, treatment that results in a communicative daily customer experience.

Give us a try today and we will show you our industry leading expertise and service levels. We appreciate your business and, as always, will work very hard to keep it.
R. Michael Dwyer - President
Our Facility